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An invitation to follow the path marked by herbs and their flowers around Montjuïc, Barcelona. Another view from 2009.

Map of Barcelona

Herbs or herbaceous plants: non-woody plants; they could be annual, biennial or perennial. Depending on the case, they will be spontaneous, native, naturalized, opportunistic, invasive or escaped from gardens. And they are beautiful too. Here you will come across a lot of herbs that can be found everywhere in town, some are cosmopolites (they can be found all over the world) and belong to the ruderal Flora, which can thrive in places disturbed by humans.

Florsurbanes is a list of forbs and grasses sorted by Common name, botannical Family or Genus. Common names are not the website's responsibility at all!!! You can meet as well Other inhabitants of the mountain, Places where you can find the herbs and remains of Walls, some of them from 1929's International Exhibition.

Click here if you want to know about Species identification.

Comments are welcome to riera@protonmail.com. All the pictures are made all over Montjuïc and by Florsurbanes.

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