An invitation for coming up to 'mount-island' Montju´c, nearing enough, almost level with ground, and following the path marked by herbs. Another view.

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Surrounded by Barcelona, this is a semi-urban territory constantly altered, semi-forest territory constantly counterbalancing changes. Altogether, this is a special place, besides it leans out to the sea, with a lot of different spaces marked by orography, uses, orientation, etc. Through the pictures, you will see here some of the Montju´c's forbs and grasses, whether dodging human action or using it in its favor. When a species appears at a particular place, it indicates as well soil composition, moistness, metereology, other plants living together with, fauna, etc. Every plant is living in a vegetational community. Phytosociology deals with these associations. In Montju´c's case, communities usually are "ruderal-arvense", i.e., clearly marked by humans. General species succession over the years is quite difficult to predict in these disturbed communities. Those plants which take place season after season, are the most resilient ones to competition between species, those which are the most adaptable ones, for instance to the use of weed killers. That's why the fact of meeting some of these herbes, is such a surprise.
Pictures of some tracts of land are included too, places in which human intervention is, for the moment, small, because of their not being gardening zones, as well as photos of some wall remains (probably from 1929's Universal Exhibition) and some inhabitants.

In order to identify the described species of this web, it is taken as reference Flora manual dels Pa´sos Catalans, Bol˛s-Vigo-Masalles-Ninot, ed. P˛rtic, 1990, Barcelona, 2005, as well as APG IV system.
As for possible mistakes, they are under this web responsibility, and comments are welcome at Along with plants pictures, you can find some common names (these are not under web's responsibility at all!!!).
All pictures are original. If you hold the mouse over the biggest picture at each species page, you will find out where this photo was taken.

In order to complete this project, several webs have been consulted, as:

Herbari Virtual del Mediterrani Occidental
The Ecology of Commanster
Acta Plantarum
Natural History Museum

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